Pre booking conversation

When a driver books your car, they are obligated to send you a message. You may not receive a notification mentioning their message but it is important to always check for and to respond to their message. When responding, be sure to comment on what they sent you. They may express why they are in town or they may tell you a little about themselves. Either way, entertain their message as you would a friend and let them know you are excited to work with them. Do not send them a generic message after they put time into a response.

Meeting in person

When setting up your Turo profile, you should appear as professional as possible. It is extremely important to continue this appearance when meeting with clients. Their comfort level strongly reflects on their rental experience.

When meeting a driver, dress well. You don’t need to have a suit on but put on a nice shirt and pants. Once you meet them let them know you will just take a few pictures and encourage them to do the same. While taking photos, ask them about their life – are they from the area? do they need recommendations for restaurants?

Make sure the driver is comfortable with the car. Ask if they have any questions before driving. Most drivers will say no but then ask “is there anything I should know about the car?”. This is a great opportunity to inform them of your mileage rule. For example –

“Everything with the car is great but I wanted to make sure you noticed the car is allowed XXX miles per day and there is a fee of $0.XX per mile after. I just don’t want it to come as a surprise if you go over haha feel free to drive as much as you’d like!”

Important: As of October 1st, 2017 – Turo requires photos from before the trip and after the trip in order to file an insurance claim.

After the ride

After the ride it is important that you make sure the client had a great experience. Talk to them a little bit about the ride as you take pictures. Be sure to inspect your car for any damage or spills. If there is any be sure to ask about it. Especially if you plan to charge them for it, you don’t want it to be a surprise.

When you inspect the gas, feel free to mention if the gas tank isn’t at the same place as when you dropped it off. It is more important that you mention it to them now instead of surprising them with a reimbursement request through the app later. This can effect their experience and in turn your rating. Here is an example of a great way to mention the gas –

“Hey the gas tank is only half full. I’m going to fill it up to the full mark – same as when I delivered it. I’ll just request the reimbursement through Turo and I’ll send you a picture of the receipt through the app too, ok?”

Most drivers will just say that is ok. Should they question it, feel free to explain Turo requires the gas to come back at the same place as when it was rented. This is expected from any rental company so most people won’t be surprised by this.

What are some of your best tips for talking to drivers? Share them in the comments below.

If you’re interested in learning more about meeting with clients, The Drum wrote a great article on how to make a good impression when meeting clients.


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