Photos are the first impression a driver has when looking to rent your car. Great photos of your car will either pull drivers into your profile or scare them off. A few great photos can increase your chances for your profile being noticed, leading to more frequent rentals.

Having had bad pictures on my profile, my cars were only being rented every few days. It wasn’t until I realized that the photos I took quickly one day, weren’t showcasing my cars well enough. After investing an hour one day to take some great photos, my number of rentals greatly improved – so can yours.

1. Get inspired

In order to start taking better photos, you need to know what great photos look like. Take a look around stock photo websites like Flikr and Pexels to find some inspiration.

2. Choose the right time of day

Most people make this mistake. The golden hour or “magic hour” is roughly the first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset. During this golden hour is the best time for you to take photos of your car. The sun creates a soft diffused light that adds a pleasing feel to the scene and long shadows help pick out details.

3. Look at the cars reflections

You will want to avoid reflections as much as possible. Most cars are extremely shiny (especially when cleaned properly) and will prevent you from seeing the interior through the windows. A good tip is to avoid having tall buildings around – instead try to have a field behind you. Making sure your reflection isn’t showing in the car. If you can’t avoid having your reflection in the car, put the camera on a tripod and set a timer.

Take pictures with a polarized camera lens to help reduce and avoid unwanted reflections. The lens will also allow you to see the interior of the car through the window, providing a much cleaner photo.

4. Background

The background is one of the most important pieces of your photo. It tells the biggest story about your car. You’ll want to avoid parking lots and driveways and instead find alternatives that describe the experience of your car. One great option is a background that makes your car pop out or a location with an accent that goes well with your car.

5. All the angles

One mistake I’ve seen car owners do is only put two to three pictures on their profile. This doesn’t give the driver a good idea of what they are getting and can often turn them away. If drivers are looking at your pictures, they are clearly interested in your car. Capture all the angles so their needs to see your whole car is filled.

Exterior Angles

Front 3/4 angle photo
Rear 3/4 angle photo
Front photo
Passenger side photo
Rear photo
Driver side photo

When shooting exteriors, you should plan to move the car’s orientation, shooting from the same camera vantage point each time. For front and rear 3/4 shots, we recommend turning wheels away from the camera. – Turo

Interior Angles

View from front door photo
Dashboard overview photo
Dashboard close-up photo

Back seats photo
Trunk photo

When framing the subject, assume that 20% of the image on all sides will be cropped. Listing image aspect ratio is variable in different contexts, and you can’t assume that the edges of the image will be visible – Turo

Following these five tips have greatly improved my photos and the number of rentals I’m getting. Plenty of high quality photos interest drivers and pull them into your Turo profile.

Have you taken some great photos of your cars with these tips? Share them in the comments below.


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