It is easy to create an account and want to get it set up as fast as possible – just so your car is listed and you can move onto making money. While it is important to have your car available for rent, the key to a successful Turo account is investing more time into your profile. A great profile helps users feel more confident renting from you and keeps them from leaving your listing.

Whether you are just starting to list your car or if you’ve been listing for a while, there is always room for improvement. These few simple tweaks helped me become the go to renter in my area with many repeat customers.

Good personal photo

A huge advantage people have when renting from a large car rental company is they know they are going to be working with a professional – at least someone that looks and dresses like one. Regardless of your reasons for renting out your car, you want to give off a professional appearance.

When picking your profile picture, be sure it shows you from your waste or chest up, you’re smiling, and professionally dressed.

Introduce yourself

People look at your profile a lot more than you think. They either want to get a better look at your picture to see who they are meeting or they want to learn a little more about you. Either way they are interested in you. Your profile is a great tool to ensure people that you are a responsible, trustworthy person and you should take full advantage of it.

Share things about you, what you like to do for fun, your favorite travel experiences, your hobbies, your dream car, or your driving experience. Your profile description is also a great place to link your personal websites and social media accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram so people can get to know you better.

Verify Facebook account

Turo provides a FaceBook account connect. It is highly recommend that you use this feature so people can learn more about you. The more people know about you, the more they trust you and the more likely they are to repeat book with you. Don’t be afraid to become friends with the people that rent from you.

As a bonus, be sure to add links to any other social media accounts to your profiles description. Just remember, you are now representing your business. Your social media accounts should be professional.

Car photos

The photos you take of your car are the most important thing for Turo drivers looking to rent from you. Having too few pictures or not high enough quality of pictures can turn people away from your car. Be sure to take high quality images from all sides of your car.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to read more about how to take great pictures of your car.

Car description

Your car’s description allows drivers to learn a lot about what your car has to offer. Instead of talking just about the comfort or power your car provides, tell the rider where that comfort and power can take them. Maybe your town has great museums or fantastic places to eat. Describe how using the backup camera in the city makes for easy parallel parking. Get creative so people really imagine riding in your car.

If you drop your car off at the airport, for no additional fee, feel free to mention you require a ride back to your house in the cars description.

What are some of the best tips and tricks that you have to improve your profile to gain more renters? Share them in the comments below.


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